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I need a 64 bit version

Sadly, I can't find the source code needed to convert it to a 64 bit version. I'm sorry.

I have it set to run at midnight every night but it isn't

At the main screen under "Other/Configure" uncheck the "I leave my computer on...." box. Then in Windows use Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools/Scheduled Tasks to run Remind Me! every day sometime after midnight.

How do I install the latest version?

Just get the latest from: http://www.pc-magic.com/wrm.exe and run it. If you do this your events will remain intact and your registration will continue to work.

REMIND.EXE does nothing when I run it.

One of the disk drive manufacturers nags you to register by installing a program also called REMIND.EXE that won't allow ours to run. You can either rename our REMIND.EXE to something else (like REMND.EXE) or if I were you I'd search for the other REMIND.EXE and delete it.

"Invalid data type" error message

The latest version fixes this problem get if from http://www.pc-magic.com/wrm.exe and just extract it over your current version.

Registration problems

The key to your registration is a small file called RM_REG. As long as t's in the same directory as REMIND.EXE, Remind Me! will be registered. Make a backup copy of RM_REG as there's a charge if we have to create and send you a new one. RM_REG is for your use only. It is illegal to distribute it to others.

You can always find the latest versions of our software at: http://www.pc-magic.com

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