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Important: Most problems are caused from interference by misguided anti-virus programs. Some don't like us and in their attempts to isolate or correct us just make a mess of everything. So if you're experiencing strange behaivor disable your anti-virus program and see if that helps. If so, then tell it to ignore us and your hidden folders.

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Ah Vista & Win 7- wow...

Magic Folders and Encrypted Magic Folders work on Vista and 7. Make sure you install as administrator. If you have problems it is most likely interference from your virus scanner. See above.

IMPORTANT: If moving from Vista 64 to the 64 bit version of Windows 7 and when you first run Magic Folders in Windows 7 the program says it needs to reinstall the driver - don't - instead reinstall using the latest version

The latest version works on Vista: http://pc-magic.com/mfx.exe.

Although my files are hidden they still turn up in Windows searches

Turn Windows File Indexing off (it's gathering info when your files are visible). Enter "indexing options" in Windows Search.

I uninstalled but still can't see my files

Magic Folders is just a filter that intercepts file system calls and denies those for your hidden folders. If it's been correctly uninstalled (from inside the program) then your files should be visible because its not there to deny the file requests. The only thing that might persist beyond an uninstall is that on some computers the system attribute might be set which would cause them not to appear in Explorer if you don't have Explorer configured to display hidden files.

I get "unable to copy c:\windows\system32\fldrvw61.ocx to c:\fldrvw61.ocx with err 75" while installing on Vista

Right click the mfx.exe file and run it as "admin"

Barbarian rat?

Some virus scanners and spy software monitoring programs are incorrectly blocking our program and calling it 'Barbarian Rat'. Barbarian Rat uses a file called "magic.exe" in your Windows folder as do we. If you rename magic.exe (it's in your Windows folder) to something else and create a new shortcut for it and use that shortcut to start Magic Folders then it should work fine.

I lost my registration key

Click -here-

Can't uninstall because of SpyAgent error

There was/is an error in SpyAgent that prevented MF from uninstalling correctly. Unfortunately they wouldn't respond to our emails so we created a work-around. Unfortunately the "fix" sometimes incorrectly indentifies a system as having SpyAgent installed when it really isn't. Just run http://www.pc-magic.com/mfx.exe and try again

In Explorer all folders on my drive appear hidden

On some computers if the folder being hidden is the first alphabetically then all folders appear to be hidden in Explorer (they're not, but Explorer won't list them). Just create a dummy folder with a name less than the hidden folder name, or rename the hidden folder (you'll need to remove it from your hidden folder list first) so that it isn't the first folder alphabetically.

I use AVG anti-virus and I'm having serious problems

The error lies with AVG. Uninstall AVG. If you wish to continue using AVG then download the latest version. Versions after 12/28/04 appear to work fine.

Failed to start because MSVBVM60.DLL was not found

Get and run http://pc-magic.com/vb6rt.exe - some other program has messed up your VB6 runtime files.

Stranded encrypted files

Use Windows Run to run "emf_decrypt" and decrypt them that way.

I run the program and it just tells me the software is updated and quits

You're running the installation program over and over. Use the icon for Magic Folders, or the hot-key you setup during installation, or use Windows Run to run "magic" If you can't find a shortcut for Magic Folders in Program Files then create a shortcut for the magic.exe file in your \Windows folder.

Getting a message box from Sky Software (ssware.com) saying an OCX isn't registered

Get the latest version mfx.exe

Clicking the Hide icon doesn't hide my files and starting MF afterwards gives "already running" message

Magic Folders attempts to clear your Recent Documents list of hidden files when you hide your files. This has always worked fine until recently but now for some users it's taking a tremendous amount of time to do so. Go into Configure/Properties and check the "Don't update Recent Documents" option. That should fix it.

I suspect this is interference from another program. If anyone figures out which program is interfering then please let me know as we can't duplicate the problem here.

It's not accepting my password

First, try using Windows Run to run "command" Then in the Command Prompt window enter "magic password" substituting your password for the "password". If that doesn't work then get and run the latest mfx.exe and enter "forceupdate" as the password. Once the software is updated then run Magic Folders and see if it accepts your password. If not -click here- to ask for assistance.

I'm getting Error 429

Get the latest mfx.exe

Norton NAV2010 or Personal Firewall 2003 and Internet Security 2003

(Have gotten a report that NAV2010 has a similar problem to that described below...)

There's a problem with Norton's Personal Firewall 2003 /Internet Security 2003 that conflicts with Magic Folders and can cause boot problems and other messes. Instead of releasing the fix (which they've had for almost nine months) for free they decided to wait and put it in their 2004 release. If you don't want to upgrade Norton to the 2004 version then you'll need to either uninstall Personal Firewall 2003 or Magic Folders. If you're having troubles completely uninstalling Personal Firewall (we did) then -click here-. Actually, just deleting \windows\system32\drivers\symtdi.sys should let Magic Folders run fine.

I used to be able to press Enter to bypass the Main Screen but no more?

Press the End key after entering your password (instead of Enter, like the old version) to unhide your files without going to the main screen.

Hot Key problems

Hotkeys need a be associated with a shortcut. You've probably deleted the Magic Folders shortcut. To fix, create a shortcut for \Windows\magic.exe You may name it whatever you want and place it whereever you want. Then right click on it, select Properties, and set the hot-key.

I'm trying to uninstall the old version as directed but there's no "Configure/Uninstall" in my program

Are you logging into MF or EMF with the password you used when you first installed it? That's the master account password and only that account can uninstall. If that doesn't work then write down your reg key (Registration/About your registration) and then use Registration/Enter Registration Key to enter a bad registration key three times. After that exit MF and then restart it. You should get a "please register" screen with an Uninstall button on it.

I'm getting a "Free Extractor" error

Get http://pc-magic.com/mfx.zip, extract the files into a temporary folder and run install.exe

I paid for EMF or Magic Folders for Win95/98/ME. Do I need to purchase it again?

No, but you may need to update for $10. If you registered EMF (not Magic Folders) before June of 2001 then updates are free for life and you just need to use your registration key in the XP version. If you don't have a registration key (but just an EMF.SYS file) then contact me at scott@pc-magic.com with your name, registration number (if you know it), and your mailing address and I'll email your registration key to you.

If you registered Magic Folders less than a year ago then just use your registration key in the new version. If you registered more than a year ago then you'll need to update for $10 by visiting http://pc-magic.com/update.htm

I hid the documents and settings folder and now can't do anything. Help!

Use "Run" to run "magic.exe". Remove the offending folder from your hidden folder list. Magic Folders really does hide folders. Don't hide system folders. Also see "Help" about backups. Backup programs won't find your files either unless you make them visible first.

I keep running the program and it just keeps telling me to reboot.

You're running the installation program, mfx.exe, not Magic Folders.  To run Magic Folders you can use the icon in Start/Programs (older versions put it in Accessories), use the hot-key you established during installation, or use "Run" to run "magic.exe"

I enter my password but can't get into the program

Click the OK button after entering your password instead of pressing Enter. See "Configure/Properties" in the main program.

I need to uninstall but I can't get into the program to use Uninstall

NOTE: for version 03.08.01 and later substitute "C:\SYZ_DAT" whenever "C:\x___x" is mentioned below

Booting into "Last known good configuration" may get you into the computer.  If not then there are several ways you can proceed.

If you can boot into Recovery Console, then do so and enter "disable mfx" and "disable xms1563k"

If you have a dual boot system, or a bootable floppy that will get you into DOS,then boot into another version of Windows and delete \windows (or winnt)\system32\drivers\mfx.sys and xms1563k.sys. Also delete the c:\x___x folder. You can then reboot. These file will NOT be visible unless you are using Recovery Console, or boot into another operating system.

If you can't do any of the above then you'll need to install the Recovery Console from your Windows Installatioin disk, boot into Recovery Console, and then enter "disable mfx" and "disable xms1563k". 

DO NOT reinstall Windows.  There is no need to, and if you've been using EMF and you reinstall Windows then you might have to use your key recovery diskette to decrypt the files.

I'm getting a blue screen. What now?

First thing you'll want to do is uninstall. If you can get into the program then use "Configure/Uninstall".

If your computer fails to complete the boot process, then press F8 at the start of the boot process and boot to "Last known good configuration.". Then go to your Windows folder and delete "system32\drivers\mfx.sys", "magic.exe" and the "c:\x__x" or "c:\syz_dat" folder.

There are a few drivers out there that don't like having Magic Folders in the file system chain. These conflicts will cause a blue screen:

Try booting into safe mode. If that works then one of the drivers not loaded in Safe Mode is the culprit. If you can identify the driver that is causing the problem please let us know and we'll see if we can develop a work-around, or at least develop a list of offensive drivers that we can look for during installation. Most importantly please let the driver developer know.

Still doesn't work?

Because we can't duplicate the problem here we could use your assistance. If you have a high speed modem, and you're game, you could send me a kernel memory dump when the computer crashes. The files are huge even when compressed (around 10-15MB) so don't do this unless you've high speed internet access or have a tremendous amount of time to waste (don't we wish...). I will completely understand if you don't want to go thru all this effort.

If you're still game then go into Control Panel/System/Advanced/Startup and Recovery/Write Debugging Information and set it to"Kernel Memory Dump" then reboot. Note where the memory dump file will be placed. (Probably in \Windows\Memory.dmp)

Then wait for the computer to crash. After the memory dump, recover your system (delete MFX.SYS, etc or select "Last known good configuration" at bootup) and then ZIP up the MEMORY.DMP file and drop it into


Thank you!

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